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Masood Ali
I Am Also Donar I Donate Blodd 72 Times In My Life Butt Now I Need Blood For My Mother Butt No One Help Me Why? I Need B-ve Butt No One Is Answering me Why Why Peoples Scared To Donate Bloood I Need Blood For My Mother Please Help me To Save My Mother Life 03214666675
Muhammad Jamil
I am also a donar and many times i have donated the blood to un-known persons. i have not felt any weekness or tension during this now i 45 year and i hope now still people give blood to otheras
Ammar Younas
As well as my experience is concern, I have donated blood three times in my life. I am of 20 years and a medical student in International High School of Medicine Kyrgyzstan. First time when I was in F.Sc, a NGO visited our college. They were attached with some hospital which deals with blood cancer patients. I donated them blood. I think it was 250ml bag in which they had collected my blood. Second time, my grandmother needed blood, I donated her. Third time in last year, there was a patient in Punjab Institute of Cardialogy.He needed blood immediately. He was a relative of my class fellow so I decided to donate him blood. Every time after donating blood, I felt myself healthier than before. I suggest you to donate blood because it’s a great exercise to remain fit and healthy by the production of new blood cells.
Mustazhar Iqbal
Blood is a thing which is not yed made artificially. It alwys gives a pleasure while a person donates as beside health benefits it gives a spirtual satisfaction. Like yesterday I donated at Holy Family Hospital Rawalpindi. It does not only satisfies a human soul but in my opinion it is also a source of finding good friends like the patient and his/her relatives become nearer to you. I would recommend all of those who can donate to participate and experience this feeling. regards, Mustazhar Iqbal
Irfan Ullah
I am president of camus Blood society UET bannu. I established the society first time in campus. every student helping me while donating blood. I am happy to save of many peoples. I have blood donor list. First time in the history of campus we the Blood socity arranged free blood groupin camp inside university. We have a donor list.I already given a blood three times and i am happy to help the needy pateints. ishallah i will continue... our slogan is "DONATE BLOOD TO SAVE LIFE"
Imran Nazir
i am working in an advertising agency..three days ago i received a call from sheikh zayed hospital, a patient need B+ blood i reach there and give blood and now i am feeling very happy because i gave blood and save a life...so give blood and share your life.
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Please be courteous to donors who are unable to donate.
Blood donation never decrease you strength and you recover same level of blood in few days.
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There is no substitute for human blood, its very rare and important thing for saving life.
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Donate blood and share life.
Thanks merablood for saving my life
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