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Skindar Azam 01/1987,Main Market Lahore,bfsre36@ymail.com,Male,0300-4489347, Not Remember B+
M.Tashfin Tipu 01/1985,Mustafa Abad,gadse36@ymail.com,Male,0321-4047973, Not Remember B+
Shakeel Khan 01/1987,Multan Road Lahore,gfsda25@ymail.com,Male,0322-8404962, Not Remember B+
Tahir A Razzaq 01/1985,Shiraz Town Lahore,hsre89@ymail.com,Male,0300-4247219, Not Remember O+
Hafiz M. Iqbal 01/1987,Main Market Lahore,gfvxc78@ymail.com,Male,0301-4600950, Not Remember O+
Zeeshan Abdul Hamid 02/1987,Ashiq Abad chowk ,hyrt25@ymail.com,Male,0323-4207588, Not Remember O+
Waqas Maqsood 01/1983,Bank Road Lahore,hgfgsd85@ymail.com,Male,0323-8823706, Not Remember O+
Mansaf 02-1987,Kareem Park Qadafi Chowk Lahore,hytew54@ymail.com,Male,0300-4502328, Not Remember O+
Humayun Maqsood 01/1981,Amin Park Band Road Lahore,greds21@ymail.com,Male,0300-8097311, Not Remember O+
sanaullha 02-01-1982,lahore ,sanaullha@yahoo.com,Male,0321-4116743, not remember AB+
malik 10-07-1966,malik laser surgical hospital & shazia maternity home bilal road rasheed pura last stop pakistan mint G.T road lahore,maliklaserhospital@yahoo.com,Male,0321-8407919, 25-11-1909 B+
imranm 24-5-1980,amir road shad bagh lahore.,imranonlyone@yahoo.com,Male,0321-4371850, nill AB+
arif 18-10-1985,Station lahore,marif@gmail.com,Male,0300-8104608, nill B+
shahzad 26-12-1986,ait lahore,shahzadtufail@gmail.com,M,0321-8410149, september 19 2012 O+
nadeem 13-12-1985,46-B Hajvery tower Lahore,nadeem135@yahoo.com,Male,0300-4871256, nill AB+
amjad 14-2-1985,Islami colony lahore.,amjadr_33@yahoo.com,Male,0307-4085201, nill B+
usman 14-2-1980,120-Garden block Garden town lahore.,usamanriaz@yahoo.com,Male,0300-9419294, nill I don't know
nouman 25-12-1978,39- J jinnah market Lahore.,sayioln@yahoo.com,Male,0321-4767134, nill I don't know
sohail 12-12-1986,amin park st-1 H no 30 Lahore.,sohailahmad@yahoo.com,Male,0322-6706723, nill I don't know
shahbaz 16-12-1986,21- afzal road sande kalan Lahore,shahbazhu@gamil.com,Male,0344-4705115, nill A+
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Please be courteous to donors who are unable to donate.
Blood donation never decrease you strength and you recover same level of blood in few days.
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There is no substitute for human blood, its very rare and important thing for saving life.
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Donate blood and share life.
Thanks merablood for saving my life
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