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Tips of the Blood Donation

Blood donation never decrease your strength and you recover same level of blood in few days. If you are regular donor then each time donation gives you surplus blood.  
There are some useful tips for happy blood donation process.

Take proper and good night sleep.
Drink extra water before donation to fulfill the blood volume but don’t take tea, coffee or other beverages with caffeine.
By eating iron rich food, you can easily get back blood volume so make it habit to eat red meat, fish, poultry or liver etc.
Take more fruit juices in your daily routine and make it habit.
Avoid taking more and unnecessary fatty foods like hamburger, fries, ice cream, chocolates etc.
You must eat proper food before donating on the day of donation.
If you are not feeling good on the day of donation, don’t give blood and wait for your well feelings.
After Blood Donation
Drink water or any other juice for refreshment but don’t take alcohol. Take extra quantity of liquid in the next 24-48 hours after donation.
If bleeding occurs after removing the bandage, rise your arm for 4-5 minutes and apply cold pack.
If you feel headache, please take rest and lie down until headache pass away.
Take care for your daily food and eat properly and regularly after donation.
You can donate blood every 56 days.
Enjoy good time with these feelings that you have saved a life.
Please be courteous to donors who are unable to donate.
Blood donation never decrease you strength and you recover same level of blood in few days.
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There is no substitute for human blood, its very rare and important thing for saving life.
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Donate blood and share life.
Thanks merablood for saving my life
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